Thursday, May 31, 2007

Big Trip: Day Six (Kraków)

Our final day in Kraków was a good one. Maddy and Mike went to Wawel Castle while the rest of us went to the Wieliczka Salt Mines. It was super hot outside--around 90 degrees, so I was excited to go to a cool, underground attraction. On the way to our cool attraction, the bus ride was impossibly hot. We were sweating like pigs. Once we arrived, the salt mines were cool--both interesting and a lot less warm than the outside temp. We went down 53 flights of stairs to 135m below the ground. It was a stairwell that felt like it would never end. Nearly everything in the salt mine was made of salt--chandeliers, floors, statues, and more. After our visit to the salt mine, we took a taxi back to the apartments (we're no dummies). Ola recommended a great little "Polish kitchen" restaurant and Benjamin and Rob walked there are got a load of takeout kielbasa, pork steak, pirogi, and other polish yumminess. As we ate, Rob suddenly noticed that not only was Maddy grinning massively, but there was something sparkly on her hand. It turns out that Mike proposed to Maddy over lunch at Wawel Castle. They're now engaged to be married. Yea for Mike & Maddy! That put the big finish on our night. The gang (sans lame Benjamin and me) went out to a bar in the Jewish district of Kraków to celebrate. They partied and we slept. Then we all headed off to the airport early the next morning.

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