Sunday, May 27, 2007

Big Trip: Day Three (Zakopane)

I awoke at the hotel in in Zakopane (pronounced Zah-ko-pah-nay) to discover I was definitely getting sick. My throat was more sore and my sinuses were getting cranky. We went out to breakfast with the gang at a waffle joint in Zakopane's little town and then Rob & Steph meandered to a crepe place up the street. Everyone wanted to go for a hike, but with my sore throat I thought it ill advised. While the 5-some hiked, Benjamin and I took an afternoon nap. There were thunder showers while we slept, and the hikers got very wet. However, since it was in the mid-80's at the time, they were somewhat thankful for the dousing. After the hike, we all went into town in search of dinner. The group let Benjamin pick, and he found a cheesy-seeming place serving Polish mountain fare in a rustic wooden establishment. The food was plentiful and quite good. I think everyone enjoyed it and we thought it was some of the best restaurant food to date on the trip. Back in the room after dinner, vodka drinking ensued and then Benjamin and I begged off and returned to bed. The late night crew did there thing until the wee hours of morning.

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