Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where have I been?

Photo titled End of summer
End of summer by Corinne S.

Here's an image to capture where I've been spending much of my non-work energy of late. I've been swimming 2-3 times/week, getting in as much as I can before the outdoor pool closes and the dark and rain come in full force.

Miller, Claire, and I have made a standing date now to swim (at the indoor pool) every Tuesday evening. It's been great and the camaraderie and regularity of it is pushing all of us to swim more, further, and faster. Nathan comes sometimes too, and baby Mabry is now a regular attendee.

On weekends I've been going to West Seattle's fantastic Colman Pool as much as I can, usually at least one weekend day. Claire and Miller have generally gone at least one day too.

This past weekend was the last gasp at the Colman Pool this year--post-season. I went both Saturday and Sunday, hung out long after my laps were complete, and worn my bikini to get some sun. It was fantastic. I saw Rob, Steph, and Nancy there, too. Once you go you just want to keep going! And I hear it's nice to take a break from gravity when you're as pregnant as Steph is now (she's due on the 23rd).

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