Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Visiting Piper in Hellingham

Photo titled Piper offers me deodorant Piper offers me deodorant by Corinne S.

This past weekend Benjamin and I went to Bellingham to visit Piper and family. Maple stayed overnight with her Boston Terrier friend Fanny (plus humans Chris and Graham). In Bellingham we hung out, ate good food, talked, and Benjamin played Final Fantasy XII while Eric coached. Then we all went out "on the town" to a local improv comedy stage, where we saw the improv murder mystery Hellingham. After that we went to Bellingham's gay dance club Rumors and gave it our best boogie. But with a DJ who specialized n train wrecks, we gave up pretty shortly and wandered home. It was a really nice visit and Benjamin didn't even explode from contact with the three kitties.

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