Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visiting friends

Photo titled Family concert Family concert by Corinne S.

Yesterday I visited Piper while she was in town staying at Sara's house. We hung out in the kitchen talking and snacking almost the entire time. I got to see Reszi, Kaimi, Joyce and Sara as well (and the boys too). Only sister Suni wasn't around since she was at work. I never broke out the camera. Today I was supposed to go to the zoo with Meghan N., S. Ben, and little Nathan. Claire and Amelia might have joined us too. Unfortunately toddler sickness and bad weather required a rain-check be made on that plan. Instead, I slept late and then trekked up Sand Point Way to visit Leanne and little Asha (and saw Charles just long enough to give his car a jump start--literally). Asha was as cute and fun as ever. I posted the best photos from my visit today and then realized I had a bunch of photos from previous visits over the last year that I had never posted. So my Flickr stream is now dominated by adorable little Asha Ruby faces. You can see them here.

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