Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big improvements to my 'hood

My neighborhood is about to get oh-so-much better from my perspective. One of my closest friends Claire and her husband Erik just had their offer accepted on a house only 14 blocks from my house. Whoohoo!!!

This is a crappy photo, but it's a pretty cute house. It's a 1940's house and not super special in its design, but the lot is gargantuan by city standards and the location is prime.

They're bringing something excited with them when they move as well: a bun in the oven. Claire is about 4 months pregnant now with their second child. Very exciting times.

I just can't wait to have them living so close by--I'll be over there so much they're gonna have to kick me out when they want some privacy. ;-) When I told Benjamin about Claire's move he was excited, but had a realization: "We're never moving, are we?" Tee he he.

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