Friday, September 12, 2008


I just got to hang out in the OB Triage wing at Swedish for an hour and a half to rule out pre-term labor. Lucky for me, it's just my "irritable" uterus.

I should've taken a pic while I was there, darn it. The nurse and doc were nice and I entertained myself with a magazine and my iPhone while they monitored me and baby.

Little Miss Blueberry performed well with her wiggling, heart heating, and oxygenating. Good girl.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Swedish is a great place isn't it?! I had Andy there. I spent a few days of bed rest there around my 38th week and I just wanted to move in and stay there! I also spent several days on IV's in the beginning of the pregnancy because I was SO FRIGGIN SICK - also good times ;-) What is "irritable" uterus? I am glad all is well!!! Sally

OpenID thecultfigurine said...

I wish you had taken a picture too... of your irritable uterus! Glad to hear you're doing OK.

Blogger Star Girl said...

I'm really glad Swedish is available to us. I hear mostly good things about it.

I think an irritable uterus is just a nice way of acknowledging that I am having some light Braxton Hicks contractions for no apparent reason. It's kind of like Irritable Bowel Syndrome--it's a bit of a catch all. ;-)

I'm telling you though: my irritable uterus is darn cute. You really do wish you had a picture. :-P

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