Thursday, November 06, 2008

Missed a deadline

Photo titled Family portrait--40 weeks Family portrait--40 weeks by Corinne S.

The baby isn't yet aware of deadlines and how they're supposed to work. Yesterday was her due date, but she's still chilling out in my womb. We're planning to avoid medical intervention before 42 weeks if possible, though we'll probably try some natural methods to nudge her along if she doesn't make a move on her own pretty soon.

Check out our family portrait series slide show on Flickr to see my belly shrink as the evolution of this little being plays in reverse. ;)

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OpenID thecultfigurine said...

Ha ha, not only does your belly shrink, but the room becomes less of a nursery and more of an office :-)

I hope you're not too uncomfortable, and that she makes her debut quickly!

Blogger Star Girl said...

Thanks! I hope so too.

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