Friday, February 06, 2009

Play dates...sort of

Photo titled Baby Snacks Baby Snacks by Corinne S.

I have been very quiet on the blog. I think perhaps I am a little shy about my entirely mommy-centered existence. It's new and unfamiliar. I'm proud, and yet embarrassed. What can I say? I may as well gush about how fantastic my child is and tell you everything I know about cloth diapers and newborn poop. Why not? I have blogged whatever whims caught my fancy before. Why should I stop now.

I regularly participate in various "moms' groups", though not the ever-popular PEPS since that just didn't come together (read: I didn't get around to signing up). I am a huge proponent of the First Weeks group in Seattle and would (and do) recommend it to every new mom I know. Even second time moms would likely enjoy it, even if they might not learn as much new stuff.

Another group I'm enjoying, is the group of women from my childbirth class. I affectionately refer to it as Lamaze Mommies. There are just four of us in this "club." We've been getting together on Monday afternoons and this week I hosted. Katie needed a nap only an hour into the gathering so I had unusually free hands. I took a bunch of pictures of the other babies, posted in a set I call Lamaze Babies. This one is a particularly funny, layered image.

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