Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Airline ticket? Check. Passport for Katie? Check.

Photo titled My first passport photo My first passport photo by Corinne S.

This morning Katie and I went to the passport agency to get Katie her own international travel passport. Why? My mom and Rich booked a trip to Mexico and ended up with a 2 bedroom suite for the second week of their stay. Rather than using the second bedroom as an oversized dressing room (as I might), they generously invited me, Katie, and my grandma to join them in Mazatlan for a week, two week from now.

Benjamin has to stay home and work, but he selflessly encouraged my unemployed ass to go take this rare vacation opportunity. He's even going to look after 2 pugs while we're gone!

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Blogger Mama Morris said...

You girls enjoy the sun and warmth! We are going to need to get a passport for this new babe while she is still quite young -- did you take and print the photo yourself? Where did you find the specifications?

Blogger Star Girl said...

I did indeed. I mean, being me, how could I not?! I'd already done it twice before for Benjamin and my most recent passport updates.

The guidelines for taking your own photo are here: http://travel.state.gov/passport/guide/composition/composition_874.html and http://travel.state.gov/pdf/Photo-Quality-Requirements.pdf.

I would say that the trickiest part is getting the size right. Also make sure you use good photo paper and the print quality is high.

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